Christmas Card Cubes

If you find it difficult to part with your Christmas cards each year, go ahead and keep them. Only this year, rather than storing them on the top shelf of a closet, turn them into Christmas ornaments instead. These pretty Christmas card cubes provide the perfect showcase for those lovely holiday landscapes and tender Nativity scenes.

How to make them:

Christmas card cut outs

Figure 1


Figure 2


Figure 3

Step 1 – Using a water bottle cap as a template, trace around 25 images you want to capture from the Christmas cards. Look for interesting colors and shapes…or faces from a nativity scene, carolers, or snowmen. You may need to use 2 – 3 Christmas cards per cube. (Figure 1)

Step 2 Cut out the images. You should have 25 circles. (Figure 2)

Step 3 – Fold three sides of each circle into the center, forming a triangle.

Step 4 – Glue the sides of five circles together, forming a circle (Figure 3).

Step 5 – Glue five more circles along the bottom edges of the circle you just created, lining up the folded sides, as shown in the photo, right. Each of these five circles will have points sticking upwards (Figure 4).

Step 6 – Keep glueing circles into the open spaces until you have inserted each circle into an open space and created the cube (Figure 5).


Figure 4


Figure 5


Figure 6

Step 7 – Choose a spot to insert a small hole, bring a string through the hole, and tie it off.

If you decide to make these, be sure to leave a comment below to share how it went. Even better, send me a photo, and we’ll create a gallery!

6 Responses to Christmas Card Cubes

  1. […] Christmas cards each year, go ahead and keep them.  Simple Life & Home has a great tutorial to transform your favorite cards into Christmas ornaments!  I love the way these look with the pretty winter scenes and sweet nativity […]

  2. Samia Gohara says:

    Thanks, I tried the 1st one and I think I got the nack for it, however I am going to throw it out like a first child and start over with better circles.
    Merry Christmas.

  3. Samia Gohara says:

    I was looking at the articles and just start writing the new christmas cards. I have my old ones from last year and hate to throw them away. It is a great idea, but as a novice with glue I have a question for you. Do you use glue from a fabric shop or glue sticks?.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Thanks for your interest in the Christmas card cubes. I use Elmer’s school glue to make this craft. You just need to hold the two edges together for about 30 – 60 seconds to make sure that they stay in place, and you’re good to go. Let me know how they turn out!

  4. I seen your Christmas Card Cubes in our Lorain Medina Rural Electric Magazine. I have 20 years of Christmas Cards so glad seen it

    • Mary Jane says:


      So glad you’re going to try the Christmas card cubes! I first made these as a Christmas craft in the fifth grade, and they’re still one of my favorite homemade ornaments. Please send me a note to let me know how it goes! (I’d love to see a picture, too, if you want to send it to my email at

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