I know, Easter is on its way, and everyone is thinking about cute little Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail. But I have to tell you…I am not a fan.

While Peter and his friends make darling characters in stories and can even be great pets, this species—in the wild and left to its own devices—is the arch enemy of the gardener. Case in point: my peas.

Remember my little pea poking its head through the ground? The bunnies got it. They ate it, along with all its friends. After three years of unsuccessful pea crops, my beautiful plants have fallen prey to those ravaging rabbits.

Ever persistent, I am trying again. I refuse to grow bunny fodder! This time, I’ll be armed with a natural deer and rabbit repellant. It’s not that I want to hurt the little guys. I just want to send them a message that my pea patch is not their dining room table. One bite of this stuff, and those rabbits will looking for an ice cube to suck on. Hopefully, they won’t be back for more!

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2 Responses to Why I hate rabbits

  1. Kaye says:

    Is there a natural deterrent for rabbits and deer once the plants have blooms on them ?

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