I love home improvement shows—especially the ones where a licensed contractor surprises an unsuspecting family in a home improvement store, follows them home, and completely remodels a room in their house. (If you’re like me, you’ve already picked the room for this kind of overhaul, just in case you happen to run into one of these guys while shopping for a bathroom mirror.)

Paint, pictures and plants transform a dull workspace into a bright, cheery office.

Unfortunately, the chances of winning this kind of “renovation lottery” are pretty slim. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money or wait for a construction crew to show up on your doorstep to get a fresh new look. Just follow these redesign on a dime strategies to transform your home by yourself—without breaking out the power saw.

Strategy #1: Paint – Nothing brightens a room like a splash of color, especially if you paint one wall with an accent hue. If you’re not sure which colors work well together, check out this website for a little inspiration.

Strategy #2: Pictures – Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive paintings at a high-end design shop, why not display photos of your children, grandchildren or favorite vacation spot instead? Grouping a variety of pictures and frame sizes creates an interesting focal point in any room.

New throw pillows bring tired couches or worn-out comforters to life.

Strategy #3: Pillows – Liven up your sofa, chairs or bed with some extra throw pillows. For even greater savings, look for upholstery remnants at a fabric store. You should be able to find enough fabric on the remnant table for two or three pillows, creating a custom look at a fraction of the cost.

Strategy #4: Plants – Adding plants to your design scheme introduces organic shapes and colors to your room. Live houseplants offer the extra benefit of natural air purifiers. You don’t even have to plug them in.

If you weren’t blessed with a green thumb, try philodendrons. These lovely plants are almost impossible to kill.

Strategy #5: Placement – Sometimes the simplest solution is the most overlooked. If you need a new look for your room, change the placement of your furniture. Just moving your couch to a new location can make any room feel more open and inviting.

So there you have it. Until you’re ready to shell out big bucks for a complete overhaul—or you run into that TV host/contractor at Lowe’s—you can still add life and color to your home, no construction required.

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