Today on my way to the garden, I came upon a small bird sitting in the grass, inches from my feet.

You can’t see its grey feathers and small black & white tail, because I didn’t take time to run inside for my camera. Instead, I quietly called my children to my side.

I can’t show you the amazement on their faces as they watched for signs of breathing, for those tiny eyes to blink…even once. You can’t hear their small voices whispering concern that the bird was hurt–wondering why it let us get so close. No, my video camera stayed on the shelf.

And you can’t hear our cries of amazement and startled laughter when the bird suddenly took flight, soaring into the blue spruce tree next door.

You can’t see or hear that special moment in our lives, because I was busy living it instead of recording it for a blog. I wasn’t inside at the computer, hard at work on a deadline.

Goodness knows I’d love to be making more money than my part-time writing gig is currently bringing in. If I did, we could buy that amazing play set a little sooner, build that fabulous new garage/man cave this fall, or renovate my outdated kitchen with granite or marble countertops and gorgeous white cabinets.

As much as I would love to have those things RIGHT NOW, I choose a life at home with my kids instead. Kitchens and man caves can wait. We’re busy maximizing what matters most.

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