I don’t know about you, but long before the summer solstice hits, I’m racking my brain trying to figure out what to feed my kids for lunch. Peanut butter & jelly is great, but even my kids get tired of this lunchtime staple after awhile.

So in honor of the first day of summer, here are eight great menu options for your mid-day meals.

Peanut butter platter

Meal 1 – Peanut butter platter. Instead of pb&j, mix it up a little and offer a peanut butter platter instead. Cut up fruit, crackers, and pretzels arranged on a tray turn your typical, boring lunch into a festive occasion. (For kids with allergies, just substitute your favorite healthy dip for the jar of peanut butter.)

Taco salad

Meal 2 – Taco salad. Whenever I have leftover taco meat, I like to serve the kids a taco salad or burrito for lunch. If you’re feeding a crowd, be sure to make extra taco mix the night before. Add chips or tortillas and a little cheese, and you have an instant favorite for lunch the next day.

Mini frittatas

Meal 3 – Mini frittatas. Who says we have to eat breakfast in the morning? These fun frittatas offer variety to the mid-day meal, letting your kids make a custom lunch they’re sure to enjoy.

Breakfast sandwich

Meal 4 – Breakfast sandwiches. In keeping with the breakfast theme, why not serve a breakfast sandwich made from bagels or English muffins? Check out a quick and easy way to scramble the eggs here.

Fast and fun fruit smoothie

Meal 5 – Fruit smoothie. Just coming in from a hot morning in the garden, the zoo, or even your backyard playset calls for a refreshing noontime treat. These fast and fun fruit smoothies fit the bill.

Nachos and bean dip

Meal 6 – Nachos and bean dip. Add some protein to your kids’ diet with refried or black beans. Toss in some nachos and cheese, and your kids will be dipping their way to a filling and nutritious lunch.

English muffin pizzas

Meal 7 – English muffin pizzas. We used to call these mini-pizzas “poor man’s pizza” for a good reason. They’re super cheap and easy to make—but yummy enough to satisfy that inner pizza craving at the same time.

Sandwich wraps

Meal 8 – That’s a wrap! Finally, try a sandwich wrap made from tortillas, salad dressing, lunchmeat, cheese and lettuce. It’s a great no-bake option for those hot summer days.

Any other great ideas for kid lunches? Be sure to share them in the comments section below!

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