Have you ever come across a post and thought, “That’s a great idea! I’ll have to remember to try that sometime,” and then needed it sooner than you thought?

That’s what happened to me last weekend. I had just read this post on One Good Thing, where Jill featured the great ideas of some of her readers. One photo in particular caught my attention: this recipe for homemade facial powder submitted by Sherry at A Happy Valentine.

When my summer tan fades in a few weeks, I won’t have to wait until I use up an expensive brand to update my look.

The best part about this makeup trick is that it’s so simple. All you need is some cornstarch and cocoa powder. Blend them together until you get the right shade for your skin, and apply. For pennies, you can achieve a custom look. Getting a tan? Add more cocoa powder. Summer sun fading? Increase the cornstarch. Like I said, simple.

As long as I can remember, I have struggled with oily skin. Even on hot, dry days, my face “glows.” Add the tiniest bit of humidity, and my makeup is sliding off my face! So when I opened my bathroom vanity last Saturday, only to discover no facial powder, I knew it was time to put Sherry’s idea to the test.

I pulled the cornstarch and cocoa powder from my kitchen cupboards, mixed them together, and viola! It worked beautifully! With a little trial and error, I found the right shade for my skin, and even in 100% humidity, my makeup stayed in place. Even better, it cost me nothing, since I used products from my kitchen shelf.

If you find yourself in need of a quick makeup fix, I definitely recommend this homemade facial powder. You might like it so much that you’ll never go back to your expensive brand again.

By the way, Sherry says that she originally saw this post as a technique for homemade dry shampoo. I’ve never used dry shampoo myself, but those of you who do might want to give it a try. If this recipe works as well as it did for facial powder, you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Gladys Hall says:

    This is a good economic idea.Dont spend too much money on facial powder from the store, when you can buy for less on natural stuff and yet, this idea is much better for your skin then cosmetic chemicals that can harm your skin. Always go natural thats good for your skin.

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