This week’s menu plan features a new crock-pot recipe I’ve been interested in trying…perfect for those busy days when I want to serve a homemade meal but just don’t have time to cook in the afternoon.

Monday – Creamy Beef and Noodles. This recipe comes from a new book I’ve been scanning for recipes to try, titled Slow Cooker, Casseroles, and One-Dish Meals. After I make this recipe for the first time, I’ll be sure to post it, complete with pictures.

Tuesday – Beef Tacos. We’ll be eating ours with soft flour tortillas, the last of the tomatoes from the garden, and this yummy new salsa recipe.

Wednesday – Biscuits & Gravy, Scrambled Eggs, and Fruit Salad. At our house, we love breakfast so much that we eat it as an evening meal, too. This menu item is one of my favorites, and super simple to make!

Thursday – Roasted Chicken. This week, I’ll be freezing the leftover chicken from this meal to serve in Chicken & Wild Rice Soup with homemade bread a week later. (Watch next week’s menu plan for the recipe.)

Friday – Meatloaf. Ever the frugal chef, I never make a full pan of meatloaf. Instead, I make “meat muffins” and form the rest of the recipe into meatballs to serve with spaghetti later.

Saturday – London Broil. A friend first introduced this recipe to me, and now it’s one of my favorites. The meat is so tender and flavorful with this marinade. I usually serve it with baked potatoes and salad. If I feel ambitious, I’ll even add in some homemade dinner rolls. Yum!

Sunday – Creamy Crock-pot Chicken Alfredo. I love the creamy texture of this Italian cuisine. Even better, it cooks all morning while I’m at church. All I have to do is throw some rotini noodles in a pot of boiling water when we get home, and we have a great Sunday lunch with little effort on my part!

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