8 glasses a day

We all know that drinking 8 glasses of water is good for our health. It flushes toxins from our systems, keeps colds and flu at bay, improves our complexion, and even helps us lose weight. Bottom line: more water = better health = saving money.

But few of us actually drink the full eight glasses of water our body needs and health experts recommend. I know I certainly didn’t get my full quota of water in each day…until I read this post by Jill at One Good Thing.

Here’s what one of her readers recommends to track your daily water consumption:

Glass with rubber bandsPut eight rubber bands around a glass each morning. Every time you fill the glass with water (and drink it!), pull a rubber band off the bottom of the glass. By the end of the day, you’ll be left with zero rubber bands around the glass—and a much healthier body.

I’ve been trying this for the last two days, and yesterday, I only removed two rubber bands! So far today, I’ve consumed three glasses of water…only five more to go!

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