March Menu Plan

Tomorrow is the first Monday of the month. Time for a menu plan! Only this time, instead of posting menus a week at a time, I’m posting my complete monthly menu plan for March 2013. After finding this magnetic calendar system, I can quickly see all the meals I’ve planned for the entire month, and now, you can, too.

The advantage to this system is that I can plan ahead, preparing meals that fit our schedule. Of course, at our house, that means getting out the Crock-Pot for busy afternoons!

Please feel free to pick and choose what works for your family from this list.

Roasted chicken

My favorite go-to chicken recipe. Perfect for leftovers later!

Week One – This week, I’ve included a Crock-Pot meal, along with a day for eating out. Of course, my rotisserie style roasted chicken plays a prominent role, since I’ll need the chicken meat for chicken and wild rice the next day.

March 1 – Crock-Pot Beef with Egg Noodles
March 2 – Kielbasa and Fried Potatoes
March 3 – Biscuits & Gravy
March 4 – Eating Out
March 5 – Hearty Steak Pie
March 6 – Lasagna Roll-Ups
March 7 – Roasted Chicken
March 8 – Chicken & Wild Rice Soup
March 9 – Sloppy Joes

Homemade pizza

I’ve been making this homemade pizza crust for years. Yum!

Week Two – No Crock-Pot meals this week. It’s the “calm before the storm,” when we’re gearing up for a play performance.

March 10 – Homemade Pizza
March 11 – Chicken Fajitas
March 12 – Salmon Salad (Note: This recipe calls for cooking the salmon on the grill. In our neck of the woods, it will still be quite cold, so I’ll simply put the salmon on a baking stone and set it under the broiler for about 5 – 8 minutes instead.)
March 13 – Broccoli Soup with No-Knead Bread
March 14 – Kung Pao Chicken with Egg Rolls
March 15 – Chicken Squares
March 16 – Calzones with Breadsticks and Salad

Creamy Crock-Pot Chicken Alfredo

Only thing better than this tasty sauce is how easy it is to make!

Week Three – Three Crock-Pot meals this week. Yep. It’s gonna be hectic!

March 17 – Creamy Crock-Pot Chicken Alfredo
March 18 – Meatloaf
March 19 – Jambalaya
March 20 – Creamy Beef & Noodles
March 21 – Spaghetti & Meatballs
March 22 – Potato Soup & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
March 23 – Crock-Pot Chicken Soft Tacos

Week Four – Again, super gigantic busy. The girls will be performing in a play, which means a visit from grandparents! To keep things from getting stressful (and to keep me out of the kitchen!), here’s what I’ve come up with.

March 24 – Fried Fish & Potatoes
March 25 – Chicken & Noodle Casserole
March 26 – Poppy Seed Chicken with Rice
March 27 – Easy Beef Stroganoff
March 28 – Cheesy Chicken & Rice Bake
March 29 – Fried Chicken
March 30 – Tacos
March 31 – Easter! We’ll be eating a nice, juicy ham.

I’ve included links to the recipes I’ve already posted, and I’ll be posting more recipes throughout the month. If you see something you’d like to try but don’t see a recipe, just let me know in the comments section below, and I’ll be sure to send it your way!

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, please feel free to check out my disclosure policy. And thanks for stopping by!

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