Time for an update

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been awhile since you’ve seen a new post here at Simple Life and Home. There’s a good reason for that. In short, life hasn’t exactly been simple—and we have no home! Clearly, it’s time to fill you in with this Simple Life and Home update.

The changes started at the beginning of August, when my husband got a job offer we couldn’t refuse. There was just one catch. The new opportunity was over two hours away. Since we hadn’t planned on moving any time soon, we spent the next few weeks finishing projects and getting the house ready to put on the market.


(One of those projects was weeding a landscape bed that had been sorely neglected. What can I say about this neglect? Just this: if I have to choose between weeding a vegetable garden that feeds my entire family or a landscape bed that few people see, I’ll choose the veggies every time!)

Finally, projects completed, we put our house on the market the last Saturday in August…and promptly pulled out of the drive for a long-planned Disney vacation the next day! (More about our Disney vacation later. I’ll just add that I must be severely allergic to some kind of weed in the aforementioned landscape bed, and I broke out in horribly itchy blisters all over my arms, legs, and neck. Yes, I walked around every Disney theme park looking as if I had contracted some kind of rare tropical disease! Yeesh!)

Meanwhile, back at the house… Given the slow real-estate market in the past few years, we weren’t expecting much activity, offering us plenty of time to prepare for the move, say good-bye to friends, and plan for the new life. You can imagine our surprise when we got an offer six days after listing the home, launching us into a flurry of activity as soon as we got back from vacation.

Moving boxes

Up until this point in our lives, these transitions have happened pretty smoothly. (This was the fourth house we’ve bought and sold.) Typically, as soon as we accepted an offer on a house, we traveled to the new location, drove all over the countryside with a willing realtor, and made an offer on a new home, usually within two days. Sell a house. Buy a house. Move out. Move in. Simple.

Only, as I mentioned before, nothing about this move has been simple. We’ve spent many hours with a fantastic realtor looking at a wide range of homes in three different counties, but as of this posting, we’re still living in a small, temporary apartment…with half our stuff stored in a climate-controlled warehouse somewhere nearby.

And there you have it. No simple. No home. But at least we’re all together, right? Stand by for further updates!

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