Stress Test

Hey, mom, when was your last stress test? No, I’m not talking about running on a treadmill with monitors hooked up to your heart. I’m talking about the stress levels in your home. With the holidays (almost!) behind us and a new year ahead, now is a great time to get a handle on all the stress in your life. How you rate against these seven signs of a stressed-out mom can have a big impact on your coming year.


1. Sleep. You’re not getting any, or at least not enough.

Simple Life and Home Solution: Turn off the TV at least an hour before bed. Better yet, don’t turn it on at all and enjoy a good book or long bath instead. Cut out the caffeine, too. Your day will run more smoothly if you get a good night’s sleep.

2. Saying, “No.” You don’t do it often enough. Over-commitment is the quickest way to send your life spinning out of control.

Simple Life and Home Solution: Let someone else run the bake sale, plan the Christmas play or host the family get together. Keep your focus where it matters most…at home.

Messy hands

3. Saying, “Yes.” If “no” is your instant response to your kids’ requests for your time and attention, it’s time to refocus.

Simple Life and Home Solution: Reprogram your instincts and indulge your kids’ interests. Bake the cookies. Play in the snow. Get out the finger paints and play dough. Not only will you build a lifetime of memories; you just might find some personal renewal in the process.

4. Self-control. You seem to have lost it somewhere along the way. Raising your voice and snapping at the kids (and husband) is no way to spend the holidays…or the coming year!

Simple Life and Home Solution: Inhale and exhale slowly, then count to 10 before you respond to any stressful situations.

5. Sustenance. A pop tart and a cup of coffee do not a calm mother make.

Simple Life and Home Solution: Take time for three nutritious meals every day. Consider talking with your doctor about supplements, too. Those extra vitamin B and omega threes might be just the thing your worn-out body needs.

6. Social life. If you find yourself complaining about kids, husband and house with your friends, it’s time to change the conversation…or the friendships!

Simple Life and Home Solution: Surround yourself with people who encourage you and build you up as a wife and mom.

7. Spiritual guidance. When was the last time you took a moment to renew your soul?

Simple Life and Home Solution: A daily quiet time for reflection and prayer will do wonders to keep your focus positive and upbeat.

Taking steps to handle your daily stress now—let alone the extra tension holidays often bring—will reap dividends in the coming year, helping you and your family experience peace on earth—and in your home!

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