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Disclaimer: The post you are about to read reviews a product that you can purchase at home improvement stores or on Amazon. I am writing this review because I think it offers a helpful tip to readers who want to avoid using harsh chemicals. This is not a paid advertisement. In fact, the makers of the Zip-It tool don’t even know I exist! 🙂 I’m sharing the information because I found the product useful. Maybe you will, too. 

Clearing clogs without chemicals

About this time last year, I shared some tips for clearing clogged drains without harsh chemicals. I love natural cleaning remedies, especially those using my two favorite natural cleaning products: baking soda and vinegar.

Drain gunk

Unfortunately, in our new home, we came across a clogged drain that my natural remedy couldn’t touch. Since we were the new owners, we had no idea how long the drain had been clogged, or how deep the clog extended down the drain. Turns out, the baking soda and vinegar solution works best when used for routine maintenance, not for huge clogs like this one!

Zip-It tool

Thankfully, I was able to pull out the clog without resorting to harsh chemicals…or taking the drain apart just to access the clog! My resourceful husband came across this nifty tool (Do people still say “nifty?” Please say yes!) on one of his many trips to the home improvement store. (Every new home needs something, right?) 🙂

down the drain

Called a “Zip-It,” this tool was surprisingly simple to use. All I had to do was snake the Zip-It tool down the drain and slowly pull it back up. The little barbs along the sides grabbed all the hair and gunk clogging the drain, pulling it all up and out as I removed the Zip-It tool. I had to push it down the drain a couple of times to be sure we cleared all gunk. (Yes, I know it’s disgusting, but at least I didn’t pollute the water supply with chemicals!)

Shower Drain

Another great feature about the Zip-It tool is that you can use it for the shower drain, too. Best of all, unlike chemicals, which you have to buy over and over again each time the drain clogs, the Zip-It tool can be re-used as many times as needed. Of course, I haven’t given up on my natural drain-cleaning method, but it’s nice to know that I have an alternate solution that’s still environmentally friendly.

If you need to clear a clogged drain and don’t want to buy the chemicals, look for the Zip-It tool at your favorite home improvement store, or you can get it at Amazon here.

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    I recommend using Drain-FX the eco-friendly, reusable & effective plumbing tool!

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