The Job Jar

Today, I’m offering a special post for moms facing summer vacation with kids at home. You see, summer is quickly approaching, and with it, I predict many of us will soon be hearing these words, typically accompanied with a slow whine, “I’m booooored!”

So, because I love you, and because I want you and your kids to have a fabulous summer vacation together, I’m sharing my summer vacation secret weapon. As soon as my kids pronounce those dreaded words, I will simply point them to a new feature in our house: The Job Jar.

The Job Jar

I first heard about this concept from a friend who uses her job jar for disciplinary purposes. Whenever her kids break a family rule, they pull a job from the jar. Sample jobs include “Wipe all the light switches in the house with a cleaning wipe” and “Clean all the trash out of the truck.” None of the jobs involves back-breaking work, but they do convey a simple message: “Obey the rules—or in my case, entertain yourself—or you’ll be put to work.” (For a complete list of jobs in The Job Jar at my house, click here.)

The Job Jar comes with a bonus feature. For those of us who tend to put spring cleaning off until the fall (or never! ha!), The Job Jar helps us get some of those tasks accomplished. Not many of us include wiping down the light switches as part of our daily or weekly cleaning routines. Yet those switches often pick up dust, dirt and germs. Thankfully, a quick swipe with a cleaning wipe is all it takes to restore cleanliness. We just don’t take the time to do it. Hence, The Job Jar.

Jobs in the Job Jar

You can also save The Job Jar for a family cleaning weekend, where everyone keeps working, pulling jobs out of the jar until it’s empty. Following my friend’s example, I’ve added a few humorous “jobs” to the mix, such as doing jumping jacks, calling Grammy to tell her you love her or running around the house five times, just to keep things interesting. Now, thanks to my secret “summer vacation” weapon, my kids will never have to be bored again!


3 Responses to The Job Jar

  1. Dani says:

    I LOVE your Job Jar idea!! My edition of Country Living says I can find a printable-copy of the jobs in your jar. I could use some inspiration. Where can I find this?

  2. Julie says:

    Thank you for this! We are homeschoolers and have this “boredom” issue more often than just in the summer. So, I plan to use this year round!!

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