Magazine holder for kitchen storage

As the year advances, it’s time to think about organizing our house a little better. I’m starting in the kitchen, mainly because it’s the smallest room in the house—and the room where I spend most of my time. Since drawer space is at a premium at our house, I was thrilled to discover this little tip for repurposing a magazine holder for kitchen storage.

This tip is a genius idea (wish I could take the credit for it, but I can’t remember where I first saw it!), and it’s saved me all kinds of frustration. Thanks to my repurposed magazine holder, I no longer have to pull everything out of a cramped cabinet to access the one item I need. Instead, I can now see all of my aluminum foil, plastic wrap, parchment paper, and storage bags with one glance. Whenever I need to wrap or store some food, I just open the pantry door, pull out the one item I need, and everything else stays neatly in place!

Magazine holder in pantry

Even better, this tip for repurposing a magazine holder for kitchen storage is such an economical use of space. You can put it anywhere…along the pantry wall, inside a cabinet door…my mother-in-law screwed hers to the inside of the pantry door.

How to hang the magazine holder
If you own the house and plan to stay, like my mother-in-law, you can just screw the magazine holder into the wall. If, however, you’re renting—or in our case, if the house is just temporary and you don’t want to spend time filling all those holes when you leave—Command Hooks work really well.

Command Hooks

Since my magazine holder has large holes in the sides by design, I just installed the hooks, placed the magazine holder on them, and we were good to go!

Magazine holder on hooks

Type of magazine holder
I’m using a plastic magazine holder here, although cardboard magazine holders work just as well. You can install a magazine holder as fancy or informal as you choose. Since it’s mostly hidden, the main idea is for storage, not style. But if opening the cabinet door and seeing a pretty magazine holder makes you happy, by all means, style away! Don’t own one? Look at thrift stores, or check out this deal on Amazon. Don’t want to buy one? No problem. Just check out tomorrow’s post for converting a cereal box into a magazine holder.

Magazine holder for kitchen storage

Whether you use a store-bought magazine holder or your own creation, repurposing a magazine holder for kitchen storage is a great option when drawer space is limited—or you just want to keep everything in one tidy place!

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